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KVK is located in Jylland, Danmark. KVK Hydra Klov was founded in 1969. Today, they are the leaders in vertical hydraulic trimming chute.

The KVK Equipments offer several benefit for hoof trimming.  These products are unique, remarkable that stand out. 


  •  A double strap fully supports the cow, which greatly limits the stress on the cow by hosting the legs in the right position.
  •  Hoof holder that maintains the hoof for easy trimming and gives better control when using a grinder.  This option also allows the trimmers to keep both hands on the grinder.
  •  Extremely quiet hydraulic system means less stress on cow and trimmers.



Model 650-SP0Model 650-SP0Technical data:

Length x width: 225 cm x 145 cm

Height: 190 cm

Height, on supporting legs: 215 cm

Height, on wheels: 197-210 cm

Standing length  L1: 189 cm

Standing length L2 : 166 cm

Entrance (B x H): 84 cm x 165 cm

Weight:  500 kg

Electric motor: 1.1 kW



Our Model 650-SP0 is the right solution for farmers who want to trim the hoofs themselves.

·         Efficient and ergonomic hoof restraint

·         Simple to use

·         Sturdy and reliable construction

·         Hot-dip galvanized frame 

Model 650-SP2 hydraulicModel 650-SP2 hydraulicTechnical data:

Length x width: 220 cm x 145 cm

Height: 190 cm

Height, on supporting legs: 230 cm

Height, on wheels: 197-210 cm

Standing Length L1: 189 cm

Standing length L2: 166 cm

Entrance (B x H): 84 cm x 165 cm

Weight: 650 kg

Electric motor: 2.2 kW




Our Model 650-SP2 is developped with focus on low noise level and demand for maintainence.  The ideal solution where is a need for fast and efficient hoof trimming.

  • Hydraulic harness hoist
  • Hydraulic lift adjusts chute working height
  • Hydraulic functions are moderated to eliminate the risk of infury to the animal
  • Hot-dip galvanised frame
  • Effective light sources at all working sites
  • Hydraulic hoist in all 4 legs


  • Hydraulically-operated front gate
  • Return flow brake fitted on leg hoist
  • Fixed windlass to pull cow into the chute
  • Hoof support plate control (out/in) (right/left)


Model-650-SP3Model-650-SP3Technical data:

Length x Width:  220 cm x 145 cm

Height: 190 cm

Height, on supporting legs:  240cm

Height, on wheels: 197-210 cm

Entrance (B x H): 84 x 165 cm

Weight: 930 kg

Electrical motor: 3.0 KW






The 650-SP3 model was developed for a professional hoof trimmer who wants the same functions as those offered by

the model 800-1, but with a lower weight.

The 650-SP3 also meets the needs of large farms for preventive treatments


The following options are hydraulic:

 Lamps around the chute

Double ventral strap
Lift to adjust the working height of the cage
Winches for 4 legs
Hoof support: In / Out-Left / Right
Front door
Back door
Secure features to prevent injury to animals


Additional option:

Fixed winch (to pull the cow into the cage and / or cage on a trailer)

Brake for winches


model 800-1 hoof trimmermodel 800-1 hoof trimmerTechnical data:

Length x width: 275 cm x 145 cm

Height: 195 cm

Height, on supporting legs: 247 cm

Height on wheels: 105-218 cm

Standing lenght L1: 189 cm

Standing lenght L2: 166 cm

Entrance (B x H): 84 x 165 cm

Weight: 950 kg

Electric motor: 5.5 KW


Our Model 800-1 is a heavy-duty chute with full hydraulic steering.  The ideal solution for the Professional hoof trimmer.  The KVK 800-1 is our five-star model.  In addition to the benefits of the 650-SP models, this model features full hydraulic control. 

All options included: 

  • Front windlass
  • Front gate
  • Tailgate
  • Belly harness
  • Raising/lowering chute
  • 4 windlasses, one for each leg
  • Hoof support plate control (out/in) (right/left)

This is the ideal solution.  This is the ideal solution.  This model meets the high-est standards of fast and efficient hoof trimming.  Model 800-1is built to accommodate livestock weigh-ing from 200 to 900 kg.  It is engineered to provide optimum comfort for liverstock during trimming.  All the hydraulic functions are moderated to eliminate the risk of injury to the animal. 

Very low noise

Our products ar engineered to reduce noise levels to a minimum (max. 64 dB under normal operation).  They are durable, exceptionally sturdy and require minimal maintenance.  We have designed our chutes to provide optimum working postures for the trimmer.  The chute has adjustable working heights.  All working sites are pre-installed with effective light sources.