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Raymond Boulais, Sophie Baril and our children.

Family business from father to son








2018 Construction

Big change at the RS Boulais farm. On December 12, 2018, the cows moved to a free-stall barn with a deep-bedded. For milking, our choice stopped on a 30 stations rotary.








Raymond Boulais initially hesitated when choosing his career. There was farming, of course, but mechanics was just as passionate about him. Fate led him to turn to farming, which had been brought up on the family farm. He becomes the 5th generation to settle on the business.


The pitfalls were trying for this entrepreneur, who, at 25, had to combine with the death of his father who was very active in the business. Helped by his brother, they managed to stay focus. Later, the latter decided to withdraw. At that time Raymond, supported by his wife Sophie Baril, established a plan to weather the storm. He, with his background in agriculture and his studies at the ITA of Saint-Hyacinthe and she, with his college training in administration and management, form a very complementary duo. Today, the RS Boulais farm has 165 kilos of quotas.


One method that worked to ensure the viability of the business in the face of the unexpected was undoubtedly the diversification of the business and its adjustment to the reality of the markets. The quota purchase is done continuously. For 5 years, Sophie produced and marketed pasta. Raymond, on the other hand, has become a hoof trimmer and he serves more than 25 producers. He is a consultant, trainer and speaker in many areas related to agriculture, such as hoof trimming, detection of parasitic currents and health of the mammary system.

Each year, Raymond and Sophie receive classes on the farm for young students. They want to demonstrate to future generations that animals are treated well. They are also taught that the products they buy at the grocery store come largely from their own farm. They also want the band to educate their parents about the importance of local shopping.

 Raymond and Sophie have a background in marketing and diversification. It is through their experiences that they became aware of the importance of developing an excellent network of collaborators, to stand out, to innovate and to keep abreast of the needs of consumers. It is with these principles that they now manage Ferme RS Boulais on a daily basis.